Set up your Speaker

When you are introducing a speaker your job is to lay the foundation for both the Speaker and the Audience. You have 2 minutes to complete the following

  • Introduce the speaker by full name in the 3rd person
  • Advise the audience the topic of the speech and where applicable the Manual/Project number
  • Give the audience the learning objectives and any personal objectives the speaker may also have.
  • Give the timing of the speech in case the Meeting Agenda is incorrect
  • If time allows tell a brief personal story that the speaker has personally conveyed to you in your preparation call
  • Ask the Speaker if they would like you to set the stageto help prepare the audience for the speech to come. This is particularly helpful for speeches that have a Quesions & Answer component or where a speaker might be giving a practice run of a presentation prior to a business or public speech
  • Introduce the speaker in the following order “Speech Title – Name, Name – Speech Title”
  • Wait for the Speaker to approach you at the lecturn, shake their hand and walk back to your seat

You should call your Speaker prior the the meeting and ask what their speech is called, ask for the timing, whether the speech is a Manual Project and if so what the specific objectives for the Project are.

Ask the Speaker if they would like you to set the stage or a platform for them to speak from. This may require you to advise the audience that they are members of a particular group so the audience knows the context in which the speaker is talking to them from.

You also need to find out if the Speaker would like to use the lecturn  or any other props they might need. If none are required remove these prior to the speaker beginning their speech so they may focus solely on delivering the best possible speech.

Remember, introduce your speaker kindly with genuine enthusiasm so they have the best platform to start speaking from.