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Hello all and a big welcome to 2014.

What a great start to the year with our first Boaters meeting held on Friday 17th!

Brent Ruru was Toastmaster and challenged us throughout the meeting to be thinking about our 3 big goals for 2014.

Do you have goals set? or are you still thinking about them?

Are they written down?

Do you carry them on our person? Doing so reminds us of those goals and encourages us to ask before making a decision “Will this take me closer to or further away from my goals?”

Other gems given by Brent throughout the morning:

– Remember to dream i.e. brainstorm your ideas to help you set 1 month, 3 month, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year goals!

– “If you don’t have a plan yourself, you may find yourself fitted into someone else’s plan”

– New Years resolution vs New Years evolution

Janne Pottinger was Grammarian for the day and following the goals theme, the word of the day was SMART. Janne explained how this pneumonic can assist us in setting our goals, by making sure they are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time bound

Speaker One was Deb McAlpine, speaking from the Humorous Speaking Manual, with her speech entitled “From the Middle Ages”.  She reminded us that life, and aging, is a marathon not a sprint and that ‘if you think you are old, or think you are young, you are right’, letting us know that what we think about our age and aging impacts how we behave.

Deb’s speech began with a very funny explanation about her Grandparents lovelife and continued to be entertaining throughout.

Speaker Two, Brett Snow, completed project 4 from the CC Manual ‘How to Say it’, with his speech “Imagine”

Brett continued the theme of goal setting and gave us a tool to help us to set and achieve our goals and the reality we want…our imagination!

Brett gave us 5 keys to successfully using our imagination as a tool for setting and achieving our goals:

  • Do not tolerate negativity
  • Create positivity
  • Use multi-channel imagery (i.e. our five senses plus ‘feeling’)
  • imagine as many times as possible
  • Take action

Brett used fabulously descriptive language to engage and inspire us. I particularly liked the line “Turn on the lights in the theatre of your mind”

Speaker Three was Garry Musson, who gave a non-manual speech entitled “The chicken or the Egg”

Garry’s goals were to share a recent personal experience, in this instance the acquiring of some hens.

This was a very entertaining speech, very funny and relatable.

Frank Ansell gave the Boaters Bulletin:

– Please respond if you have not done so already to the email from Frank regarding the email database. This is a quick and easy way to send an email to every Boaters member…simply email

– Judging workshop January 29th, 7-9pm, 71 Main South Road. Please see email from Frank with more details

Table Topics was led by John Kelly and was based on the theme of New Years resolutions

First up was David Clarkson “Do you think the start of a new year is a strong enough motivation to stick to a resolution?”

Next was Sandra Smith “In the Northern Hemisphere, the new year falls in winter. Do you think it is easier to stick to a New Years resolution in summer or winter?”

Kevin Cusack spoke about “What is the most successful New Years resolution you have made?”

Alana Bogart was up next “If you knew you were guaranteed to succeed, what resolution would you set this year?” (How are the sticks going Alana?!)

Next Kevin Newman told us about “Many people make New Years resolutions and fail. Why do you think people fail to stick to their New Years resolutions?”

And finally, David Cooper “What would you like to try as a goal, even if you think you will fail?”

Well done Boaters! A fabulous way to start the New Year!!

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