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Posted by Jenne Robb on 23 October 2017

The theme of today’s meeting was Labour Day. We were enthusiastically welcomed by our Sergeant at Arms, Anton McMulkin. Anton set the stage for a fun and informative meeting.

Mo Yakubu was Toastmaster of the day. Mo ran a smooth, well-prepared and enjoyable meeting. He introduced the theme, Labour Day, and treated us with fun facts about the history of Labour Day in New Zealand. Throughout the meeting Mo provided fascinating information such as “New Zealand was the first country to adopt the eight hour work day”.  Mo continued to incorporate well-researched facts about Labour Day between speakers with a relaxed and polished style.

Grammarian for the meeting was Grant Beattie. Grant chose the word relaxation as word of the day.  He suggested that we incorporate the word relaxation into our speeches and to experience relaxation over the holiday weekend. Grant also carefully counted the ums and ahs that we used during our speeches.

John MacVicar introduced Speaker #1, Brad Lewis Lake. Brad’s Icebreaker Speech was entitled, “Our Revolution.” Brad talked about his “quintessential Kiwi upbringing”, university adventures, and his passion for revolutionizing New Zealand’s reputation.   Brad suggested that New Zealand farmers  move away from dairy farming and become a world leader in growing hemp. He explained the value and variety of hemp products and sustainability of hemp farming.  He also mentioned that hemp is cost effective to grow. Brad is involved in developing a machine that processes 50 tons of hemp per day and he appears committed to introducing it to the world. Brad reminded us that hemp is not associated with its intoxicating cousin! Brad presented an engaging and inspiring Icebreaker Speech.

Vijay Vellaisamy introduced Speaker #2, Alan Calder. Alan’s speech, “ Closing in 30 Seconds”, described six vital tips when selling an item on Trade Me. Alan shared his wisdom in six steps:

  1. Spend money to make money- prepare your items for sale to excellent standard.
  2. Check out competition – view similar items and ask for fair market price.
  3. Provide great full visibility photos-“cosmetic” scratches included.
  4. Get attention by offering a bargain price.
  5. Closing time 7pm- people buy after eating dinner.
  6. Maintain integrity as a seller – 100% trust from the audience.

Alan reminded us that it is all about the audience! Alan’s tips and ideas on how to get the most value from Trade Me were clear and practical.

Louise Green introduced Speaker #3, Roydon Gibbs. Roydon’s speech, “Just Another Day at Work”, was a vivid description of what it is like to work in a fish factory. He guided us through a typical day at work in a cold, wet and smelly environment. We dress in rubber boots and aprons, wash our hands and don a cap.  The job entailed sorting fish on a conveyor belt. Sorting good filets and tossing them to the right, scrappy bits and tossing them to the left.  We are doing this task all day long. Roydon observed workers in this environment and noticed that some workers were having a positive experience with a spring in their step while some were have a negative experience and feeling bored. To explain how two people can have totally different experiences in the same circumstances Roydon related this to a story about stone masons. Roydon ‘s story suggested that it is our attitude and approach to our work that makes the difference.  Roydon’s creative speech evoked emotion and inspiration.

Table Topics Master was Hayden Coote. Hayden reflected the meeting’s theme with imaginative questions about work.  The topics were within the theme of the day, Labour Day and the five speakers were brilliant.

Effective evaluations were provided by Deb McAlpine, David Pottinger, Helen McLeod, and Greg McGeorge.

Time keeper was Caleb Vercoe. Caleb accurately reported the under time, on time and over time speakers.

Grant, the Grammarian, gave feedback with our number of ahs and ums .

Kristy Lawler summarised the entire meeting with an organized, energetic and positive general evaluation. Her work so extraordinary that it was acknowledged with the Toastie Award!

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