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Being evacuated during the table topics session because a croissant was stuck in a toaster next door in the restaurant causing the smoke detectors to flare up, didn’t deter Boaters Toastmasters today.  Such impromptu disruption had the session continue out in the venue car park as we are both a resilient and adaptable bunch.  Even with the echo of sirens, a flashing fire engine and men and women in uniform going about their business.

Speaker 1 John McVicar and ‘Don’t Let Them Do This to You’ persuasive words of wisdom came with skeletal images of spines both vertical and horizontal cross sectioned (how they do that was fascinating – still aren’t any the wiser).  There was a spine with a plate and screws and the same spine with another plate and screws only to learn, the surgery to fix leg pain wasn’t necessary!  Two bits of advice, stay active as you de-generate into old age and secondly, ‘don’t let them do what they did to you.’  John is happy to provide you the lay persons meaning to ‘spondylolisthesis.’

Speaker 2 Terelle Hegarty and ‘Diminish Dirt & Magnify the Magic.’  We learnt that we work approx., 92,000 hours over our lifetime which explains why a number of you are grumpy.  However, if we change our perspective to embrace it as being an opportunity and a means to ‘give’ to other people, imagine how those hours will fly by.  The key is to always find magic in your hours and magnify them versus dishing out dirt on behaviours of our fellow workers during the hours.  Gossiping is not included except if you are the dirt’s originator!  A congrats to Terelle as this was her 10th CC speech making her competent.  Yay.

Speaker 3 Vivien Cowey and ‘My Time Here is Done.’  If you want to enact revenge on any person who caused you grief during your time here in this life, the best time is between you passing and before you are either buried or cremated!  Vivien shared instances how her ‘mother’ did exactly that after her passing.  That and announcing that Vivien has 101 ways to kill a cat as they weren’t immune to being revenged upon neither.  This humorous speech had some serious messages – I’m going to need 21 days or so after I pass and before I’m cremated!

Toastmaster of the Day Alannah Vickery brought the meeting to an end with the audience voting on who the best speaker was.  It fitted in with her theme that our votes count and the supportive history of how voting plays a significant part in democracy; and that it is a personal choice we shouldn’t ignore by not raising the hand when we are asked to.

I voted for VJ but he wasn’t even on the ballot paper.

It was a ‘savvy’ meeting, that being our Grammarian Jenne’s word of the day.

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