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Vijay opened the meeting at 7am, his first time in this role, Sergeant of Arms. He grabbed the bull by the horns and wrestled his way through, achieving all the necessary requirements of the role then tossed the meeting over to the Toastmaster of the Day, Alan Calder.


Alan introduced the theme for the day as “Marathon” giving us amazing stats on people who had run the most marathons. One being 280 marathons run in one year by one person. Alan tied this theme to the fact that todays meeting was a “Speech Marathon” of 5 speeches instead of the usual 3 speeches for a typical meeting.


Speaker 1 Courtney Tibbotts, – Speech Titled “Castle Street to Crumpets”  This was Courtney’s first 5-7min speech at Toastmasters, we call it an icebreaker speech. She took us from her conception in Castle Street to her current position marketing Crumpets for the Button family business. The neat thing about Courtney’s presentation was she had crumpet packages for everyone at the end.


Speaker 2 Dion Ebraham – Speech Titled “Fate, Chance, Destiny” Dion also was giving an icebreaker speech. He told us of his origins in Zimbabwe, born in the year of independence. Dion had 2 memorable statements worth quoting. 1.  “In Zimbabwe you always had to have a plan B.”  2. “since marrying a kiwi girl he is now fully kiwi owned and operated” . He described throughout his talk how sports had been his Fate, his chance and his destiny now working for Canterbury Cricket.


Speaker 3 Natalie Perzylo – Speech Titled “What is Old?” Natalie challenged our preconceptions about being old, by explaining her experience, being entrusted with an “Old dog”  called Jack, with various aliments including cataracts. How she at first, she treated him with kid gloves, because he was considered old and frail. But then discovered, that he was fine with the other dogs, doing all the things the other dogs did. We were challenged to review our perception, that because people are old, that they can’t do stuff. In the middle of this she added stories of old people she had met that had defied expectations of what old people where capable of. Highly amazing stories.


Speaker 4 Danny De Hek – Speech Titled – “The truth about business networking” This 10min presentation can be viewed in full on Elite 6 Business Networking Facebook page. Danny gave us 5 tips about Networking that he has found by experience. This speech was followed by a question and answer time with questions from the audience.


Speaker 5 Brett Snow – Speech Titled – “There is no failure, only Feedback” This was a12-14min educational talk on how to be an effective speech evaluator. Brent gave us 4 secrets to making our evaluations more powerful in our public and our private life. His example How to respond to your spouse saying “how do I look?” This was the most interesting educational speech I have heard in toastmasters.


Great Evaluations were then given to all speakers by Mark Granville, Brent Ruru, Rodney Ford, Anton McMulkin and Helen McCloud. Time keeping report by Denise Ford.


“The Toastie Award” was split between our 2 icebreaker speeches, Courtney receiving the Toastie, and Dion being awarded a packet of Buttons Crumpets.


Next week we are looking forward to an amazing speech from Roydon Gibbs on how to be a good mentor. Come and join us!

David Cooper

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