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CAUTION: This blog has been composed by a dyslexic person using voice recognition, over bluetooth, with predictive texting enabled. So, who knows if it is 100% accurate. If in doubt phone me on 021 961 652

Sergeant at Arms: Sabine Parry (SA) – Time: 1:33

Talked about were you needed to go if you had a personal emergency and told us all to turn OF our cellphones (I didnít)

Toastmaster: (Theme Contentment) Roydon Gibbs (TM) – Time 3:45
Timer: Brett Snow
Blogger: Danny de Hek

Speaker #1 Anton McMulkin – Time: 6:46
Title: Habits

Talked about habits did you know it takes 21-66 days to create new habits!

Speaker #2 Alannah Vickery – Time: 5:25
Title: Save the world!!!

Alannah is trying to eat less meat, and has 5kg of honey, Alannah can not ride her bike everywhere.

Talked about peeing in the shower to save water! I stopped taking notes after this point, however I couldnít help it after she asked us to join her and also pee in the shower to save water.

Speaker #3 Louise Green – Time 6:43
Title: Becoming a Bullfighter

Great speaker is Louise! she commands your ears and attention when speaking, you would think Louise has been a toastmaster for years.

Did you know there is a book titled why business people speak like idiots see

Speaker #4 Caleb Vercoe – Time 5:50
Title: Nailed

Caleb was wearing shorts just saying, talked about how he got two nail in his foot, talked to health line, next he told us about how he got two nails out of his foot – Caleb nailed it

Speaker #5 Kevin Cusack – Time 4:52
Title: Loud cellphone talking syndrome

He said it gives him the woollies, great wording like; all sunshine and kitchens, cellphone Sam dirty old man, got the switch listening,

Speaker #6 Alan Calder – Time 6:17
Title: Epic

Alan talked about how is managed to complete the ride!! Bits inside his short wear complaining near the end. TOTALLY EPIC SPEECH and way to go

The Epic is the full monty and test piece of this event.

The course has over 2400 metres of vertical ascent and descent. Its not a turn your brain off track, its varied, narrow in places, rocky and undulating. It is relatively unmarked getting from the Hunter Valley to the start of the river crossing. There are also lots of fast open sections of 4◊4 track, so something for everyone.

Yep just another walk in the park!

Evaluator #1 Steve Kennelly Evaluating Anton McMulkin – Time 2:42

Good, Good and Good

Evaluator #2 Vivien Cowey Evaluating Alannah Vickery – Time 3:10

More talk about peeing in the shower! Said Alannah could have a stronger opening or pee? (Good, Good and Good)

Evaluator #3 Deb McAlpine Evaluating Louise Green – Time 3:12

Bal Bal Bal Debs is so good at doing evaluations to busy listening to blog about it

Evaluator #4 Natalie Perzylo Evaluating Caleb Vercoe – Time 3:59

Good, Good and Good, talked about how is we good and speaking Caleb did give recommendation to bringing a Nail and Hamner as a visual aid.

Evaluator #5 Mark Smith Evaluating Kevin Cusack – Time 3:27

Summed up the talk nicely, talked about the goals Kevin next Mark did a CRC sandwich left a good question for Kevin what do you sound like when on a phone!

Evaluator #6 Garry Musson Evaluating Alan Calder – Time 3:13

Garry was hard to hear at the start, great examples of how he could have made the speech more Epic


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