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Vivien was Toast Master. She used props and shared tips throughout the meeting to help us prepare for an Emergency. Grammarian David Clarkson choose the word nemesis and several toastmasters managed to fit it into their speeches

Alana was in “La la  Alana land” driving tractors as an eleven-year-old. She couldn’t reach the pedals and kept jumping out of the tractors, her brother was the one who crashed a big hole in the bran.
Brent told us stories of tandem happiness without notes. Communication is key when working in tandem. On their cycle touring adventure across Canada. Claire on the back of the bike was Governance and Brent on the front was Operations.
Essentials in their kit included:

New Zealand t-shirts, so people wouldn’t think they were Australian’s.
Claire’s hair dryer that wasn’t any use for Brent he felt they should ditch it to lighten the load.

Rodney gave a speech from the Communications Manual. He’d last given this speech back in 2002. “Messing around with boats”. Rodney’s got a remote control yacht and has been a part of the Christchurch Model Yacht Club for years. It’s a passion of his, we saw the boat and learned all about how he got into to and were all invited to come check it out.

Highlights from the Table Topics organised by Denise
Natalie spoke about how important it is to know your neighbors in an emergency.
Helen lost in the bush after a whiteout. Whistles couldn’t be heard. Following the stream, the group came to unclimbable bluffs. They built a bivouac but were rescued by the Mt Peel ranger.

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