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On a wet overcast morning Gary Musson kicked off meeting 847 with a very warm welcome and introduced the Toastmaster of the day Rachel Walton.

Reciting ‘rain drops on roses’ Rachel captivated our interest immediately and held it continuously throughout the entire meeting with small snippets of many of her favourite things including: Lying in bed listening to rain on the metal roof, watching the wood pigeons playing on the thermals and walking along Brighton beach with a coffee in hand. This got us all pondering the perfections of our favourite things.

Grammarian of the day Denise Ford graced us with the lovely 1994 poem “Cross Roads in Time” by Joe Greenaway.

First speaker Steve Kennelly presented an enthralling speech titled: Predator Free New Zealand. Using diverse aids Steve held our interest with his homemade rat trap and a dawn chorus of birdsong from his cell-phone. This was followed up by a plethora of statistical information that gave us insight into the alarming impact of predators on our unique and declining bird populations. His hope for a pest free NZ had us all off to buy rat traps for our children for Christmas.

Speaker number two Helen McLeod told us a short interesting story of early residence from Tiptree Cottage to effectively draw us into the importance of leaving a legacy. The key points of how to leave a legacy included:

Support the people and a cause that is important to you.

Reflect and decide what is important.

Share your blessings with others.

Be a mentor to others.

Pursue your passions because they are infectious.

An interesting, well-balanced speech, Helen concluded her message by returning to the reconstruction of Tiptree Cottage and an encouragement to others to consider leaving a legacy in the area of community projects.

In his speech titled “Check this out or check it out” third speaker David Clarkson addressed the dilemma of dealing with data that can heat the oils of personal belief. Having received an email from a close friend about global warming suggesting that we are in fact in a global cooling phase, David set about explaining how with a little more research you can clear through the clouds of conflicting and confusing information. David presented a well-executed speech with a vast cross-section of fantastic facts for both sides of the argument. Finishing with a crunching conclusion that global warming is actually happening!

After the break Roydon Gibbs moved us onto a great range of table topics that were filled with many of our favourite things:

As an appetiser Sabine was given “Off to mars: what is your last earth bound meal”. Ditching the health food Sabine quickly had the audience pinning for a good feed of pizza, chocolate chips and yummy baileys ice cream. A seriously good binge on junk food.

Next up we had our boot scooting line dancing fanatic Brent Chatteron, to explain why line dancing should be in the Olympics. Brent convinced the audience early on that this was a riveting sport that needed to be in the Olympics. Campaigning to get line dance group into the Olympics Brent presented a strong argument that this was sure to be the new Soccer! However he did leave us wanting … at least a small demo!

Our visitor and maybe next new member Anton got up the front and did a great job at explaining his most “favourite workplace.” For first time up Anton delivered a positive, passionate well-structured speech about his current employment in the motor trade. Well done Anton hope we see you back next week!

Tackling the topic: “Fame is spreading”, Natalie needed to share 3 pieces of favourite music. Calmly and confidently Natalie addressed the topic with enthusiasm firstly touching on her association with Jessie Mulligan then going on to choose her top three favourite musicians. Staying close to the heart and home Natalie chose Canadian artists including the familiar face of Brian Adams.

Today’s meeting certainly confirmed the favourite thing of many:

Getting up early on a Friday morning to be at Toastmasters!

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