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Toastmaster Dan McKirdy
Dan struck it lucky today he had two roles Sergeant of Arms and of course Toastmaster. Dan brought us through the meeting with some great lines to mix it up between speakers keeping us on time and interested.
Steven Mydlowski our Grammarian for the meeting

Steve had some Grammar to consider
specifically the use of Bought and Brought, Buy and Bring
Steve suggested he would be watching and reporting back at the end to bring us the bad news!! I thought he might have brought the bad news.

Caleb Vercoe with

We are all old enough

We are the Perfect age for lawn bowls and people are never too young to start. Caleb started at 14, he explained some of the ins and outs of Lawn Bowls. Some really good tips, “If you do the same thing over and over you should get the same result” Caleb even bought an actual lawn bowl, Caleb told us all about it, and whats in the bowlers Big bag (kit) Caleb explained some of the items, interestingly they use a lot of Special grip cream so they don’t drop the Ball (Bowl).

Next we heard from our resident Pain Dr,
Dr John McVicar
With , Are intra-Articular injections of Corticosteroid effective for Sacroiliac joint pain.

John explained what a steroid is and used some pretty big words but still we were able to understand what he was talking about.
Some big Names, sacrum, Ilium, and Sacroiliac Joint and what they do and the pain associated when things dont work. John explained We can improve the pain by injecting local Anaesthetic into the joint.
He explained to diagnose he injects Anaesthetic and dye with a 9 cm needle!. followed by a number of steps and questions.John had a number of statistics around use of the Steroid injections. Over all very interesting speech.
“Not really looking forward to any injuries so I suggest we all take care!”
Steve Thomas
Knowledge driven project development

Steve started during the week asking us to complete a survey Online which gave him back ground information on his audience and he could tailor the speech.

Steve explained he built a play house, and it was not quite right, it was on a lean and he would have done better if he had read the instructions.
Steve told us,” we have all experienced product development at home”, it could be a creating simple meal or putting together kit set product. Steve went through some steps for designing a product and determine the needs of the customer.
Steve used a power point helping us comprehend what he had to say and help him connect with the audience.

Helen McLeod Table Topics
Helen brought us a great Table Topics session on ‘Winners’ which had some very good easy questions.

Rachel Walton, gave us a great mini speech on the most Medals won at the Olympics.
Kevin Cusack got up to tell us about more events for the elderly at the olympics, he said he needs a Gold medal for being the oldest person in the club.
Terrell told us if we should we go back to doing the olympics in the nude as they did at the first olympics. Terrell said its not about the bodies its about winning.
Isaac, Did we show the world, with rugby Sevens! Isaac told us he was impressed with The All Blacks winning attitude.

Brent Chatterton- Cost of the olympics should it be shared among more then 4 countries or keep it in one area.
Brent drew a parallel with our sporting venues that by investing in infrastructure likes of Dunedin it means we can have great facilities for generations to come.

We had some very good Evaluators today with some good tips, commendations and importantly some recommendations.

Steve Mydlowski told us we had very good gramma throughout, watch the fillers in the speeches and evaluations.

Vivien Was very please to be the General Evaluator as no body evaluates her! Vivien had some very good feedback for the introduces and evaluators. Vivien had listened well and used good Humour throughout.

The toastie award went to John McVicar for a informative and interesting speech.

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