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Brent Chatterton our resident Master Builder led the charge this morning with the all-important topic ‘Working as a team’.   Like a well set play by the All Blacks, Brent skilfully manoeuvred the team through the ever pressing agenda with a very successful outcome that he was able to throw in one last minute very impromptu table topic to round off a great morning’s team play.

Our word of the day was Ostentatious or Non Ostentatious – showy or flamboyant which I think we call were without using the word – thanks Grammarian Mark Glanville

Speaker 1 – Charlene Hails, one of our newest members, did her wonderful ‘Ice Breaker’ and talked about a condition she picked up after leaving university, after describing something that sounded very horrid she call the condition ‘Adult On sit Swimming’.  Charlene took us on a journey of how she started swimming and from pools she adventured to Open Sea Swims.  What a great ice breaker.

Speaker 2 – a duet – The two Steve’s on the Leadership Team – Steve Kennelly (Treasurer) and Steve Mydlovski (Present) talked to the members about their roles in the Leadership Team and the upcoming AGM.

Speaker 3 – Steve Kennelly again took the stage for his speech about ‘Clean Disruption’.  This was a very powerful food for thought speech. He explained to us about the disruption of a product when a new product is introduced to the consumer, it disrupts the older product and makes is obsolete, such as Wikipedia online disrupted the Encyclopedia books.  Steve referred to a book by Tony Seba – Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation and how it discusses how new energy will be solar or wind, vehicles will be electric and self-driven and we will see incredible disruption by 2030.  Steve proved the fact of this type of disruption with a picture in London with horse drawn vehicles everywhere and one car but 13 years later the same place but the picture had many cars with one horse drawn vehicle.

John McVicar lead the team into Table topics with great team effort by Mo Yakubu, Helen McLeod, Sabine Parry, David Clarkson, Sandra Smith and a sneaky side step by Danny de Hek to finish the meeting.

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