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First time Toastmaster of the day Mark Glanville introduced the theme of the day as

Deliberate Success

He was well organised and created an acronym for DELIBERATE – which was copied onto the back of the schedule.  He used these successfully as links throughout the meeting – Loved the story of the Fisherman and the Businessman

Well done Mark !

Alan Calder made good use of humour and his cell phone in his role as S@A and used the latter to introduce us to his daughter Marie and the apple of his eye, granddaughter Indy

Vivien Cowey presented the word of the day – FRUITION – which was used a lot less than the ums and ahs

As always at Boaters we heard 3 very different and interesting speeches

Brent Chatterton –            Passive House Construction.

We learned all about what goes into making a house, warm, economical  and airtight and also that there are currently only 9 passive homes in Christchurch and Brent hopes to build one in Christchurch this year

Jennifer Chowaniec -        Searching for Gold Dust

Sounds like gold might have been easier to find than the new house that Emma and Jenn were looking to buy.  Luckily Jenn finally had “the Feeling” about one of the homes and managed to buy one that didn’t involve having to deal with Real Estate Agents

David Cooper –                     Are all oils equal ?

David gave a speech to inform about coconut oil but to me it was also very persuasive as I bought a jar of his virgin coconut oil.  David explained the process of making coconut oil and why some are better than others – Quote of the day advised was not to take any notice of the word “Extra” when related to Virgin Oil as “It’s either virgin or it’s not !”

Steve Keneally made a sterling job of TT Master this morning by explaining the format and timing for the benefit of the visitors.  Great topics that related to the theme and got through several speakers

Brent Ruru opened his mouth and put both feet in it whilst relating his top “Failed attempts” to marriages past and future !!!

John McVicar spoke about his struggle to succeed at golf even after playing twice a week and having lessons Never mind John, just walking round the golf course is good exercise

Our guest, Caroline, described going out of her comfort zone to cook a pig’s head – Aaaarg !

Claire Ruru had every opportunity to get back at Brent but chose instead to relate her success to excess to her passion for wine – I think 3 weeks without is a mile stone that I can only strive for

Danny took a literal approach to  “if at first your don’t success get a bigger hammer”  He got no help from us so settled on his fun day dismantling the garage

Sandra’s definition of Deliberate Success was related to her vision of moving to Nelson, house-sitting up there, researching and finally putting her house here on the market – DON’T GO SANDRA !!!

Mo, our newest member, talked out the need to succeed in NZ as his parents sacrificed a lot to enable him to be here

First time GE, Terrell Hegerty, delivered an insightful and confident evaluation of the meeting – some beautiful language here

“Fuel injected enthusiasm” “Complete package” “Young master” “use of intrigue” “measured speech” “fine tuned gentleman’s voice” “ Master of mind, body, word and soul”

This is why I get up at 5:30 whenever I’m in town to come to Boaters Toastmasters :O)

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