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Kicking off promptly at 7am, Sergeant At Arms Helen McCleod introduced, not anything so mundane as Toastmaster of the Day, but “Judge Jen” to the meeting. Admitted to the bar in Scotland in 2014. The court was now in session.

All members of the court were instructed to rise and swear the following oath:
“I, a member of Boaters Toastmasters, do solemnly and sincerely declare that I will obey all the rules of this club as set by the 2015 governing committee.”

As a Toastmaster, you can tell a theme has struck a chord with your team when it gets picked up by the Speakers. Every subsequent speaker introduced themselves to “Judge Jen” and addressed at the very least “the jury”.  A member of the press core attended at some point.

Counsel (Introducers) and Plaintiffs (Speakers) presented their evidence effectively, clearly demonstrating significant pre-trial coaching and preparation. The jury (Evaluators) delivered their verdicts succinctly using the desired CRC format.

Claire Ruru effectively mediated a minor disturbance mid-session (between a corporate banker, a British pole dancer, and a Brazilian model) with, or perhaps in spite of, the assistance of Alannah Vickery

Tina Mackie shared “The five ways to Wellbeing”. The audience challenge from Tina is to think about what you can do in each of these areas during the next week: Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice, And Give.

Congratulations to Sabine Parry, completing her Icebreaker speech “What would You do if You knew You could not Fail?” and snagging the Toastie Award: well deserved.

Those of you who weren’t at Friday’s meeting missed something truly special – a manual speech from Garry Musson. “Just a little curious” was an intriguing, thought-provoking, and humorous speech. Gary left us with “If you think you probably could, then you probably should.” 


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