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The approach to this meeting, with the theme “All About You“, was to extend our knowledge of our fellow members, through personalised introductions of each person with a scheduled role. In the course of the meeting we learnt that:
Rachel Walton (the onion) is one of the Club’s Mentor’s working with Emma Hayes, preparing for an exercise event (Triathlon?), and a landscape architecture graduate.
Emma Hayes one of many “fit-freaks” among our membership is in training for a 50k trail run.
Kim Carter our very own International Man of Mystery, is writing a book. (In his debut as Grammarian Kim presented four technical terms with examples for every day usage, including encapsulate and prototype).
Sabine Parry – lives by the motto “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail”
Terelle Hegarty – is in the midst of Moving & Grooving.
Brent Chatterton – has 1 set of 6 year old twins, not 6 sets of twins!
Bee Bathish – coffee, yoga, and bikes make her happy; kids, dogs, and TableTopics make her sweat!
Bee presented a selection of TableTopics to expose the underbelly of members. Rodney appears somewhat miffed that David Clarkson (the expert amateur) hasn’t YET taken him skiing in Canada, and Daniel McCurdy is preparing to redeem a juvenile terror.
Alannah Vickery was gifted a cold on Saturday, and may go back for more.
Brent Ruru (& Claire) bought a house.
Steven is a drag racer, and the Director (Canterbury), NZ Surveyors institute
Helen McCleod is a company director.
Helen MacDonald while not overly keen on exercise has recently purchased a watermelon coloured bicycle (with basket) to accompany her on trips to the local cafe.

This week’s speakers line-up:
Jennifer Chowaniec – Game Face. Considering Jennifer intended to promote the Rugby World Cup to the “strange kiwi animal that doesn’t like rugby”, leading early with the fact that the event encompasses 48 games was a bold move. Three conversation ‘hooks’ were eloquently and amusingly presented: nutrition, training, and visualisation.
John MacVicar presenting Project 9 “Persuade with Power” from the Competent Communicator Manual convinced his audience that if light rail is built people will use it. Armed with facts, statistics, and quotes John laid out a compelling case.
Deb McAlpine recently helped a friend rehearse for “Shirley Valentine”. Turning this experience to her advantage, she selected an excerpt from the play as the script for her Interpretive Reading Manual project. Hilarious!
Great to see Penny Lee, Area Director at our meeting.

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