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You don’t stop laughing as you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.

Well there were plenty of laughs at Boaters meeting #785 this morning – old age weightlifting with empty potato bags, more name mix-ups and Darren’s love of beer.

We were treated to three diverse and interesting speeches.

We learned a little more about Bee’s extraordinary life as she told us about her early ‘mid’ life crisis which brought about her move to New Zealand in 2011 to study genetics. Bee spoke naturally without any notes and used her pauses well to allow for laughs!

Rachel’s expert use of descriptions and hand gestures took us on a fairytale journey with the Velveteen rabbit. He was saggy and baggy with no eyes and no whiskers, but was loved by the small boy which was crucial in his quest to become real.

Alan took us through the four stages of the sporting injury grieving process (denial, anger, depression and acceptance and re-organisation) in his cleverly named speech “I’ll be right back after this break”. His facial expressions helped us understand these four stages and he assured us they’re all normal.

I learned a lot from our table topic speakers this morning: Helen’s positive attitude can take her anywhere, Vivien thinks charging someone against a wall comes naturally to her (hopefully only in ice hockey!), David knows sissies come and sissies go, guest Louisa makes the most of each stage in life and traveling makes Angelique smile.

I also learned a whole host of lessons from the evaluators:

• delegating your role is ok if you’re Colin (thanks Dennis and Grace!!);
• picking specific objectives really helps your evaluator;
• a few of us struggle with eye contact;
• use a rhetorical question to buy yourself more time to think what you’re going to say; and
• a smile and good posture will take you a long way – fake it til you make it says Dennis!

Toastie award to Emma for good time management as Table Topics Master.

Thanks Brent for a light hearted and professional meeting this morning.

Enjoy the weekend everyone


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