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With Danny de Hek at the helm, you can expect something different and entertaining, and today didn’t disappoint. Danny’s theme was ‘Weird and awesome inventions’ and S@A Steve Thomas picked up on this by describing some inventions of his own: the flattened bottle – a fottle, a folded down carton – a farton, and the folding bucket …… well this blog need not sink any lower!

Throughout the meeting Danny displayed on screen all sorts of very weird and crazy inventions. Too many to mention them all, but some favourites – the hug me pillow, LED slippers, anti-pervert hairy stockings, the baby mop, anti-theft lunch bags and so many more. If you missed this meeting and would like to know about more weird inventions, see Danny.

Caleb Vercoe took us on a journey of conquering fear with his speech from CC manual project 2, Organise your speech. This was about his invitation to go climbing when a friend presented him with a climbing belt, (it looked a bit like some form of torture, but obviously an essential, rather than weird invention). Caleb’s dilemma was whether he should do this or not, having a fear of heights. But smiling all the way, he broke through his block, after letting his wife do the climb first, (how gallant), and conquered the wall. He’s learnt that success builds courage and endurance. Final words – ‘Grab the chance with both hands, enjoy the fall – the rope has got you!’ A bit of trust in the strength of that rope is needed too, I think.

Naturally communication is always easier if it’s in the same language, and meanings are not ‘lost in translation’. This was the title of Helen MacDonald’s speech, How to say it from CC manual project 4. She was referring to the book ‘The five love languages’ which explains that if partners have a different love language, it amounts to the same communication issues as if one spoke in English and the other in Mandarin. For example, for one their love ‘language’ could be acts of service, but for the other, quality time. And so the misunderstandings arise. Powerful messages from this speech; discover your partner’s primary love language, and ensure that the way you show love, is being understood as love.

For my final ‘date’ with the Interpersonal Communication manual, I informed people how to deal assertively with those issues that get up your nose. Deal with the issue straightway; describe the problem, say how it affects you (think “I” statements), state a solution and the positive consequences that would follow on. Remember the acronym D I S C. Once again Claire ably assisted with the role play scenario, being the waitress at a busy restaurant when the meals weren’t quite up to scratch. At least the waitress didn’t burst into tears!

An extremely innovative and entertaining Table Topics session from Colin Clapp this morning, which managed to have a record nine people speaking. Taking his lead from the latest Toastmaster magazine’s article ‘Improve with improv’, Colin had three people at a time, working together to tell a story, with each person speaking in a different style. Complete with alliterative titles we had the stories ‘Wendy the will maker’ featuring Brett (romance style), Roydon (horror) and Jenn (fairytale); ‘Albert the aeroplane maker’ involving Kelvin (adventure style), Deb (horror) and Steve M (sports); and finally with ‘Charlie the clockmaker’ we had Helen McL (mystery), Emma (adventure) and Terrelle (fairy tale). Well done everyone for your innovation, humour and quick thinking.

Cold and wet this morning, but no snow, except Brett (sorry!) but plenty of crisp, sparkling wit and entertainment to warm us up.

Thanks Sandra

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