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Toastmaster Garry Musson was looking for excitement from us – any excitement we’d had in the previous week, or today ….. Judging by the response, a bit of a quiet week has been had by all. But undeterred, even though Garry didn’t have a theme for today, he injected his own humour and enthusiasm into the meeting and kept it moving at a snappy pace.

A beautiful sonnet ‘High Flight’ by Spitfire aviator John Magee was read by Steve Mydlowski; even more moving in that the sonnet was written not long before Magee died at the age of 19. A large picture of a Spitfire added to the poignancy of the poem.

Our three introducers Bee, Steve K and Helen McL all set the scene well for the speakers, giving us detailed background information about the speakers, their speeches and their objectives. This was later complemented by the speech evaluators Vivien, Jennifer and Rachel who all evaluated to the speech objectives and provided helpful recommendations, which is what it’s all about.

Emma Hayes speaking from CC manual project 2, shared her extensive knowledge about hip replacements, why they are needed and why custom solutions, with a very informative speech on the subject. In coming years who knows how many of us might require such surgery, so it was encouraging to learn how the latest technology will help us. Emma explained about how she designs custom hip sockets, complete with wonderful props of bones and joints to demonstrate how it works. With people like Emma specialising in this area our hips will be in good hands.

The man who specialises in pain, John MacVicar , today discussed dependency versus addiction, with reference to Sidumo Peaberry. And the latter, should you not know, is a variety of coffee bean from Ethiopia, which John used to describe the processes the cherry-like bean passes through before we drink it. Complete with cups and saucers, mugs and a coffee machine, John entertainingly illustrated how his introduction to coffee began at a tender age, to the continuance of his consumption of it through out his life. But he considers his is a dependency (rather than addiction) to the stuff! No withdrawal symptoms yet experienced apparently.

Third speaker Brent Ruru urged us to be inspired. Speaking from a snippet of his book ‘Rekindle you’, he spoke of how it takes a lot to create a good habit, how hard it is to replace a bad habit. Brent’s aim is to become a better conversationalist by looking up, and truly listening to a person before talking. Illustrating his point by sharing a story of when he did just this with a good friend, he showed how the resulting actions of the friend were an inspiration to himself. So … create the habit of conversation, look up, listen, watch the person grow – and be inspired. Great advice.

Alannah Vickery had a range of amusing table topics somehow loosely connected to there not being many single men around! The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – for Mark, as long as it’s KFC. Brent wouldn’t be happy if his partner brought home a handbag dog – got to have a real dog , like a labrador. Alana would seduce her man with delicious food. Helen MacDonald only gets annoyed with ‘hot Brad’ when he doesn’t replace the empty toilet roll, and when he does, puts it on the wrong way. Danny told us of the pitfalls (and expense) of online dating – all is not as it originally appears; and Claire shared one or two intimacies of living in close quarters in a caravan. Wasn’t there a mention last week of porn stars from this couple???

What we learn at Toastmasters!

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