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An interesting choice of topic for the theme today from Greg McGeorge – Surgical Stories. Armed with cutting edge stories, our meeting began! Images of being cut open by a surgeon (and the trust we put into that person), to the ancient art of ‘trepanning’ (performed since Neolithic times) of drilling a hole in the head as a way of curing all manner of disorders. This did not deter our three guests!

To keep with the theme (loosely), Helen MacDonald’s phrase for the day was ‘articulo mortis’ meaning at the point of, or moment of death. Judging from the number of times this expression was used this morning, several speakers must have been harouring morbid thoughts!

Jennifer Chowaniec was first speaker, speaking from CC project 2, Organise your speech. Her speech was about the New Zealand Constitution, what is it and why does it matter? This was a well-researched and informative speech. I didn’t know that the NZ Constitution comprises not just one document, but several, held in different places such as the Treaty of Waitangi, Custom laws, Bill of Rights. It all matters as it gives security, order and freedoms, denied to places without a constitution, which Jen illustrated with relevant examples of situations or proposals that have been questioned as to whether they were constitutional.

‘It’s all about the rubbish’ was Alannah Vickery’s speech from CC Project 7, Research your topic. Alannah took us on a trip, with her dog, to the beaches of Pegasus Bay, spoiled by the amount of rubbish found there. Plastic stuff that could have been floating around in the ocean since her great grandparents’ day, as it takes 450 – 1000 years to break down; gladwrap that looks like jellyfish and is gobbled up by sunfish, dolphins, penguins – and Alannah’s dog. At this point in Alannah’s speech the rubbish bins were trundled past outside our meeting room – what an excellent prop she’d arranged! To finish her speech, a strong call to action: stop using supermarket bags, go for glass jars rather than plastic, recycle and be a tidy Kiwi.

Sandra Smith was third speaker, speaking from that ‘well-loved’ manual, Interpersonal Communication. This time it was about the Coaching Process, the steps to go through to first decide if a person needs some coaching, and then how to go about the coaching to achieve a positive outcome. Sandra was ably assisted in the role-play coaching scenario by Claire Ruru, with her managing to burst into tears at the beginning to add a bit more drama to the session! Thank you to Claire for her assistance, and to both her and club members for their helpful feedback.

Table Topics continued on the health theme with Roydon Gibbs’ one-minute topics: improve your eyesight or your hair growth, a miracle cure, nurses pay, a diet for optimal health, transforming the health sector and prostate checks. Well done to our three guests, Angelique, Steven and Brent, who all took part in TT, as well as David Clarkson, Terrelle Hegarty and Helen McLeod.

The whole meeting was summed up by first time General Evaluator Danny de Hek, who did so admirably in his own special, highly entertaining way.

And to finish off a full meeting, run with surgical precision, Greg pointed out that the majority of those having cosmetic surgery are women, and that US$24 billion is spent on it a year; no chocolate fish to guess in which country. Far cheaper to accept how you are and grow old gracefully.

Enjoy the long weekend, see you next week.

Thanks Sandra Smith

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