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A rousing start to the meeting from Caleb Vercoe with Boaters’ version of ‘Good morning Vietnam’ delivered in true Robin Williams style, and then his introduction to Toastmaster Alana Bogart and her theme ‘Making a difference’. Her opening suggestion – smile at someone and it’ll brighten their day. How right she is. Quotes and anecdotes of well-known people who’ve made a difference were sprinkled through the meeting. But we don’t need to be famous to make a difference.

Grammarian Steve Kennelly used a line from Game of Thrones, there being ‘less’ enemies, to illustrate a common word misuse. In this example of course it should be ‘fewer’ enemies; fewer is used for people and things in the plural, ‘less’ for more abstract things that can’t be counted and don’t have a plural; e.g. less wealth. An excellent lesson on using the correct word when needed.

Greg McGeorge never fails to entertain, and this week for CC project 8, getting comfortable with visual aids, his speech was no exception. For his speech title Greg borrowed Mark Twain’s quote to describe golf as “a good walk ruined” , and then armed with his golf clubs to demonstrate his golf ‘prowess’, delivered his speech on his relationship with said clubs. Relaxed and amusing, Greg took us through his golf lessons on how to hold the club, perfect his stance and to actually hit the ball. All good until things fell apart on a long excruciating day on the Russley golf course, and not understanding the rules attached to getting the ball out of a bunker. The rules, and their different sub-sections, etiquette, decisions all add up to making golf a very complicated game! (Perhaps Greg needs a chat with Alan). However, undeterred, Greg was off to Hagley for a 9 hole hit in the afternoon. Look out park walkers!

Inspiring people about travel was the theme of Tina Mackie’s speech “The Wanderer”. She led us on a pictorial journey from historically why people travelled – for food, trade, education, to travel being for pleasure, it now having become a rite of passage. Tina spoke of three things travel does for us: moves us out of our comfort zone, creates memories and expands our world view. She illustrated these with the shared memories of travel with her daughter, and how meeting people on our travels breaks down misconceptions. Mark Twain made another entry to the meeting with his quote “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness” to illustrate that travel opens the mind. Tina finished by challenging us to move out of our comfort zone. Start making those travel plans now.

Vivien Cowey is a book-keeper and her aim is to see small and medium size businesses run to their potential. Also speaking from CC project 8, using visual aids, Vivien’s speech “It’s all about the yield” was an informative presentation about getting into property investing. She began by explaining how she had learnt the property game from other property investors, being particularly inspired by self-made millionaire Kevin Greene. She continued by explaining what is the yield – the deciding factor when considering buying a property as a rental. (I hope I wrote this down correctly as it’s a handy bit of knowledge! Please correct me if I’m wrong Vivien!). The yield is gross annual rent x 100, divided by cost price. Vivien explained all this very simply with the aid of slides illustrating types of property to look at and total costs and return on each. Very interesting.

Kevin Warwood managed to snare seven table topics speakers this morning who gave quick fire mini-speeches on getting into trouble (Danny’s flying VA to hand), favourite soup, prized possessions, memorable travel moments, Titanic theme song, waiting for the dog to die before moving, and being in trouble with the boss (or mother!). Well done our two guests Mark and Brent for taking up the challenge to be TT participants.

Vive la difference. Au revoir!

Thanks for the blog Sandra Smith

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