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Grand-parents have instant friends, they have common enemies (your parents) and they know stuff.  They can do the coolest thing as well – take their teeth and gums out at the same time!  The theme for this meeting was “Grand Parents” led by Toastmaster of the Day, Vivien Cowey.  Vivien enlightened us into insights of what to expect as our smile lines become wrinkles, and we too become GP’s.

Ice breakers from new members allows them to start on their speaking confidence journey and Emma shared a story around her association with rowing – ‘Attention Go.’  The determination to be a winner at such was evident whereby self belief as a team was important. That and not letting kids younger than you beat you who probably looked across at the start and saw Emma and her crew as Grannies.  That certainly got their ‘go-attention’ for next time.

At the top of the left hand corner of the South Island is a piece of topography named ‘Farewell Spit.’  Visible from space, it was more touchy touchy feely feely by Steve who presented a speech on it’s making, naming and importance after a recent holiday there.  Bird life is abundant, whales get stranded, and since 1999 – a 50Watt light bulb has pulsed from the lighthouse on this piece of sand that was formed from Southern Alps erosion.  The 30km by 1km four hour tourist attraction is worth a visit if up that way, not to be spat at.

The need for greed corruption packaged up in a pill moved Brett to shift using laboratory medicinal potions to those of alternative natural origins.  A walking talking example of where trust was put into being provided medication for a condition that had side effects making matters worse.  The crusade to understand the ‘why’ twisted with how greed before need was about profit before people and although there was a positive way forward, the underlying message was – keep track of your own health.

Be warned, Viagra is not the answer to all ailments.

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