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A wonderful turnout with several guests – great to see.

First time Toastmaster Steve Kennelly did a fantastic job keeping the meeting running along smoothly with his theme ‘Do it!’ This was not just about learning a new skill, but constantly improving upon it with repetitive practice. There is a word to describe this – ‘milen’ – but not sure if that’s how you spell it.

Another new word came from grammarian Vivien Cowey – lexophile, a lover of words. Some amusing examples of this that I enjoyed were ‘a boiled egg is hard to beat’ and ‘a dentist and a manicurist fought tooth and nail’. Being a word person I had to look up some more on the internet – worth doing, very entertaining reading.

Shane Reeves speech was for project 2 of the CC manual ‘Look inside yourself and see what you find’. An inspirational and motivational speech, as well as entertaining, as Shane described how he looked inside himself and challenged himself to complete his first triathlon in 2014. We were with him on his triathlon, coping with the cold water and the maelstrom of limbs, fighting the desire to bow out of the hard bike ride by riding into a tree, to the final euphoric moment of crossing the finishing line of the run. Never again he said, but there’s always next year …. Great to hear that his drive to complete the triathlon was his motivation to join Boaters.

Our resident expert on parking, Kevin Warwood, today continued towards his goal of completing all 10 projects of the CC manual on the subject of parking. This speech was Project 6 – using vocal variety, with the intriguing title of ‘How to park like the All Blacks’. An interesting analogy to draw between the traits shown by the ABs to achieve such a high win rate, and the requirements of an organisation to achieve good parking. Talent, clarity of purpose, complete trust and a healthy impatience are the keys to the ABs’ success which Kevin believes all organises should try to emulate. Traits that could be beneficial to us all.

Our third speaker Tina Mackie, took us to the 2013 Outward Bound course for parents and teenagers, in which Tina and her daughter had participated. Having heard another speech of Tina’s about this course, I am in awe of how she did it! This speech was project 5 – ‘Your body speaks’ – well suited to Tina’s speech ‘Aqua inversions’ in which she described one of the challenges on the course. This was June, out on a cold sea, having to deliberately roll her kayak, (tuck, roll, invert) and then wait for her partner (her daughter) to swim, leap, grab boat and haul it upright. Daughter Bee valiantly did this, only to let go at the last moment – and Tina was upside down again. This happened three times before an encouraging and supporting father helped her achieve the goal. Tina made this an exciting and entertaining speech, leaving us wondering how she managed to keep her cool (no pun intended) while waiting to be rescued.

Brent Ruru’s table topics continued the Do it! theme with what to do before you die. Rachel Walton (great to see you back at Boaters, Rachel) faced her fear of caving; Royden threw away the map of life to draw it himself; Helen McLeod drew on the imagination of her grandchildren and what she has learnt from this; Danny de Hek wasn’t sure about what inhibitions he could shed before he dies; guest Emma will help others by paying it forward and Steven Mylowski rejects the ready made life of convenience by pursuing his passion for riding motorbikes.

Lots of humour in this meeting, with a warm and supportive atmosphere. Great fun.

Remember it’s the Evaluation contest next week. See you there.

Sandra Smith

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