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A new member taking up the Sergent at Arms role to grow their speaking confidence was completed with precision, you would have believed Jennifer to be a seasoned Toastmaster with all the boxes ticked off to have the meeting participants seated ready to start at the chime of 7am – with attitude.

It transitioned nicely into the Toastmaster of the Day Nathan picking up the baton and sprinkling “attitude”  theme quotes in-between speakers – did you have a favourite that resonated with you for the remainder of the day?  Remember, it is your attitude that will determine your altitude, not your aptitude.

Brett tuned in with the word of the day ‘optimistic’ so as at morning tea time, people could visually associate as to whether their cups were half empty or half full!

Danny is a master of technology and we were entertained by his journey from painting and decorating with a brush – to that of decorating and painting through building peoples web sites.  Oh how we soon forget what computers and cell phones used to be like as we matured with technology – someone from the audience even admitted still owning a fax machine!

At the time, the news media sensationalised the event over the Chch City Council losing it’s Building Consent Authority status, however, we all became informed with the actual going on’s from our very own Kelvin.  This was a brilliant inside report on how the Council folk at the coal face braved the quake events under extreme pressure to meet compliance – and the human cost to party’s inside and out.  Kelvin for Mayor, perhaps.

Colin rounded out the speakers with having us be seated in a semi-circle.  A story about New Zealand Steel and Malcolm Burns (not to be associated with Mr Burns from ‘The Simpsons’).  Re-knowned for his ‘alley cat’ approach to business restructure, it was a good outcome story moving from a choice default future to one of desired future through a simple attitudinal change – take ownership of your accountability.

Table topics themed with the attitude flavour – Helen McLead delivered her micro-speech with both passion and conviction.

And that certainly was attitude from the heart.

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