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This week Boaters were treated with the return of a dearly missed member and in a no more fitting role than Toastmaster. A special welcome back to Tina Mackie with her bubbly persona and the theme “Tell a Lie”. Tina entertained us with different types and the thought – what lies are ok? I particularly liked polite, barefaced, half truth, jocular and economic with the truth lies!

Steven Mydlowski took us back to The Norman Conquest of England in the 11th century as the start of the complexities of Common Estate types in property ownership, that we have today. A very informative speech about Freehold, Leasehold, Cross-lease and Stratum titles. This was an appropriate topic giving the active property market we have in Christchurch, leaving us with great advice – be careful and make sure you are informed when purchasing!

Imagine you have a million dollars – Vivien Cowey caught our attention from these first few words about Money and Emotions. What are the different emotions and plans you would make – to very promptly slamming us with – REALITY SUCKS! Leading us to imagine bankruptcy or being made redundant. Vivien educated us that we need cashflow to live in the now and budgets to live for the future. Live within your means or else earn more means – simple! Emotions drive how we spend money and money drives our emotions.

Esther Newman – delivered an educational outlining the Meeting Roles. A new initiative has been introduced to the Sergeant at Arms meeting role. Each week the SAA will now keep a record of who filled each role, what other members and guests attended, along with the speech titles and manual project numbers. This will be a huge help for the VP Education if they are absent for the meeting to ensure club records are accurate. This week I noted the details on the agenda and scanned and emailed it to Brett Snow.

Bulletin – reminder about the Court Jester Christmas Function – John Kelly will follow-up with an email and the Mentor Meeting/Member BBQ at Esther & Kelvin’s on the 22nd. Please RSVP. Details of both functions are on the Website.

Table Topics lead by Nathan Najib following the “Lie” them setting great challenges to all involved, leaving some of our members more tongue tied and lost for words than our newest member and guest! Clearly too many lies to choose from.

Grammarian Garry Musson gave us plenty to work on hitting us with his UM & ARGH counts for the meeting.

Thank you for my Friday fix, see you all in a fortnight.

Stand-in Blogger – Claire

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