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Rodney Ford was our Toastmaster today with the theme ‘People and Places’, about our memories and the things we do rather than the things we have. Plenty of scope there for everyone, and bard Claire rose to the challenge by selecting a poem to read that matched the theme. The poem by Paula Glynn was about travelling to many places and living life to the full. Sounds like the Ruru’s life style.

We travelled to Nepal with first speaker Steve Thomas and ‘High altitude’ – project 7 from the CC manual, research your topic. It was a very interesting account of how Steve had to adjust to high altitude trecking when he climbed from the Everest base camp, of how the altitude effects begin and the importance of heavy breathing when walking very slowly. Apparently the Nepalese have ten oxygen producing genes which is why they cope so much better at high altitudes. On his return to NZ Steve used his altitude training to good effect by cruising through the Buller half marathon in a fantastic time!

Bankers have secret lives! Greg McGeorge is a ‘Soul man’. Speaking from project 5, your body speaks, Greg gave an entertaining speech about his trip with his wife to Auckland to the Soul Fest, a musical festival of neo soul and hip-hop. Among the eclectic audience Greg thinks he may have been close to being the oldest, white guy there, but loved that the festival was a wonderful gathering of the diverse cultures found in one city. He would love his children to be more associated with different cultures – but not the wacky baccy!

Third speaker was Kelvin Newman speaking from project 8, getting comfortable with visual aids – the ‘Cone dance’. No powerpoint or conventional props for Kelvin – he dons his high-viz vest and sets up three orange road cones to demonstrate the ritual cone dance that takes place between 6 and 7a.m each morning. First up the goose-step guy who sets them out, followed by the shuffle queen making her adjustments, to finally the foreman with his line of sight. The three meet and watch out if there’s a cone belonging to another company! Very amusing speech with Kelvin being a VA himself. However he did remind us that the cones represent progress, direction and hope, and if we can’t resist knocking them over, we may have to start a new dance ourselves. The burning question – were they ‘borrowed’ CCC cones?

As Table Topics master Alana came armed with clippings from magazines to stimulate the speakers’ minds. Topics spoken of ranged from gum boots to George Clooney, talents used in collecting for the blind, to Miley Cyrus, to watching out for red dresses. Amazing what can be generated from a simple prompt.

I feel there is a need to single out one evaluator this week. Brent Ruru evaluated Greg – remember his project was ‘Your body speaks’. Brent managed to deliver his whole evaluation by letting HIS body speak – he did the whole thing in mime, not a word uttered. Very clever and expressive – and innovative to move away from the usual routine.

Another engaging and enlightening meeting, with plenty of humour thrown in too.

Well that’s me for a while as I won’t be at Boaters for a few weeks now. Happy meetings, see you towards the end of the year.

Sandra Smith

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