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I think we’ve come to expect something just a little different from Danny de Hek, and as Toastmaster for this meeting he didn’t disappoint. When we walked into the room, on the table at the front, resting in its case, was a rifle! No bullets, but it was surrounded by various other objects, all connected with indoor small bore target shooting. And then to complete the scene was Danny, decked out in his custom-made shooting jacket and other necessary equipment that he wears when indulging his hobby and passion. Loved the hat! All this of course beautifully enhanced Danny’s theme for the meeting – ‘Stay focused on the target’. Throughout the meeting he entertained and enlightened us by explaining more about his hobby, which he describes as yoga with a rifle! (For those of you who weren’t there, you lie on the floor to shoot).

Kevin Warwood’s word for the day was ‘fulgent’ which described our toastmaster perfectly.

Roydon’s speech was from the Professional Speaking manual; the project was to present a 30-40 minutes seminar, but as this wouldn’t be practical at a Friday meeting, Roydon successfully presented an abridged seminar on radically transforming your experience of work. With the aid of a diagram of inter-relating ‘rocks’ he explained techniques to build a framework to connect, commit and create so that work becomes a positive, fulfilling experience. Something there for us all to take away.

Second speaker was Nathan Najib with ‘Mind Power’ speaking from project 2 of the CC manual – organise your speech. Nathan was inspirational in telling us his story of his aim to run the city to surf in under an hour, and of how he believed if he put his mind to something he could achieve it – and he did. Very focused on the target, well done. Lots of humorous anecdotes about his progress along the way, such as musing that you’ll never die on a treadmill.

We haven’t seen Alan Calder at Boaters very much recently, due partly to his involvement in buying part of a business, and his daughter’s wedding, both occasions causing him to reflect about life, giving rise to his speech ‘Circle of Life’. We’re used to Alan being the funny man, but this was a serious speech, showing compassion, respect and empathy. From reflecting at a funeral that life is a conveyor belt going in one direction, to his pride in his daughter at her wedding and how good life can be, to thinking about his father celebrating his 88th birthday and you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. A very thoughtful speech – the final message, make the most of life. How very true.

Vivien’s table topics kept the speakers focussed with topical issues, past and future goals, and targets in sport – other than small bore shooting. Well done to guest Sally for taking part in table topics.

All the introducers and evaluators were well on target, demonstrating that they had researched their speakers and their topics, listened well and offered relevant comments on the speeches.

Yet another fulgent meeting, I look forward to next week.

 Sandra Smith

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