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Deb McAlpine launched the “Dr Suess” theme introducing Toastmaster – Brent Ruru – IF THE CAP FITS, WEAR IT – who was wearing a Cat in a Hat “Hat”!
The theme was adopted with zing throughout the meeting including Brent’s group participation fillers:
“Today you are you
That is truer and true
There is no-one alive
Who is you-er than you!”

Alana Bogart took on the Dr Suess challenge as Grammarian with “Fiffer – Feffer – Feff”, well done to all those who attempted that tongue twister throughout the meeting!
Esther Newman adapted her introduction of Steve Kennelly in Dr Suess poetry style – VERY impressive.

Steve Kennelly’s speech “Gerry the Lomax” – immediately painted the picture with this being a cross between Gerry Brownlee and Santa Claus. Steve convincingly sold the merits and benefits of his idea to transform the Brooklands Red Zoned suburb into an Off the Grid Residential area. The proposal would offer the interested parties free land to be part of this self sufficient community. Steve I think you are onto something here!

Nicola Taylor captivated the audience with her “Having a Sweet Puff” speech, educating us on how to recognise certain recreational Drugs such Methamphetamine, aka “P”, “Ice” and “Crystal”. Luckily Nicola mentioned this was knowledge she has gained and uses in her role as a Customs Officer – otherwise it may have had us wondering…….. I know I was sitting there thinking how non-street savvy I am!

Roydon Gibbs challenged our thinking on which of the 5 selected night-time activities will allow us to recover from the day’s stesses and stains before we go to bed …….. the answer wasn’t as obvious as you think:
1. Work
2. Household Chores
3. Social Activity with Friends
4. Physical Activity
5. Blob out on Couch or have a Bath
Most people would pick number 5, however this has been proven to have a neutral effect while numbers 1 -4 are likely to have a more positive effect providing you are doing it for enjoyment. Great tips, thanks Roydon.

Vivien Cowey’s Table Topics created fantasy from David aka Superman, Geoff aka Spongebob, Garry’s dislikes of Hats, Helen’s attraction to the Wiggles and Aliens, Shane building forts in the lounge, Bryce as the Giant friendly golf playing Beaver and Alannah re-incarnated as a Pocket Rocket cartoon character with body enhancements!
Today as usual was one of those – I am pleased I got up for – meetings. Thank you Tina for the imagination stretching theme, sorry you missed it, Get Well Soon.

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