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Is it the journey or the destination? David Cooper’s theme for meeting #755 on 3 October. We were taken on journeys through the past, into the future, and of course the destination of where we are now. Steve’s word for the day ‘Orwellian’ was a freaky reminder of how futuristic writings can become reality, when you consider that George Orwell’s book ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ was written in 1949.

Claire Ruru’s ‘Cambodian Chaos’ began with a wonderful video-clip, setting the scene in a nutshell for her speech taking us on the 750km journey, by bike, that she and Brent made from Bangkok in Thailand to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The objective of Claire’s speech was to communicate ideas vividly and clearly, and this she did with intense, colourful descriptions of the different personalities on the trip. From the whisky drinking, non-biking French guide to the toned blond bombshell leisurely cruising along as if she was out for an afternoon ride through the park. There was drama in there too – robbery, competition and mutiny – as well as snakes in outhouses and other equally horrible and unmentionable things before they reached their destination. Rather you than me Claire, but what an achievement and great that for all the difficulties encountered, you remember the smiling happy children and the beautiful lush countryside.

Mid-life crisis – is there such a thing? asked Ian. Ian’s speech was a fashion journey through his on-going mid-life crises that he’s been enjoying since he was 16. It’s all about shoes, from those 1970 platforms, to handmade boots, ‘Ashman red devils’ stylish as well as great for on the motorbike, to a spell of conventionality (aka marriage). Then unmarried, and onto a new destination in that metro sexual town of the south, Gore. Gore is probably still recovering from and talking about Ian’s out-there dress style which set the town alight. Now married again, but Ian and his wife have journeyed to that amazing shop Maher in the Restart Mall and his love of fabulous shoes has returned. Be yourself and enjoy the plethora of on-going mid-life crises.

Colin’s speech was from the Storytelling manual. He told us about George’s journey, not just from the West Coast to Chch, but his journey to success, overcoming obstacles along the way. It was an inspirational story and the title “Be primed and don’t listen to the little person” was one we could easily relate. The little person is that twin brother or sister sitting on your shoulder. (Deb says she has triplets up there – I know how she feels!). Colin’s motivational message was to be primed for success; get primed, why not? And why not now? A great call to action.

Table Topics speakers were given the option by Greg McGeorge to choose either Journey or Destination. Visitor Jackie’s journey was to be at Boaters standing up at the front giving a TT speech. Well done! David Clarkson’s destination was Invercargill (the deep south came up a few times this morning) and his memories of that town, especially the dances. Good to see Bryce again after a few years’ absence and he took us on a journey to Melbourne to see an old friend. John Kelly looked at what his destination would be in 10 years’ time – reminding us that it’s all about the journey getting there. Geoff told us of the joys of being an embalmer (where did Greg get these topics from??) and Kelvin’s destination was his ideal holiday.

I always seem to finish by saying what an enjoyable fun meeting it was – but every meeting is, every week. That’s why so many of us belong to Boaters!

Sandra Smith

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