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Toastmaster Kevin Warwood’s theme today was ‘Management clichés’. We probably don’t realise just how much of our day to day work of meetings, emails, notifications etc is riddled with these clichés. Everyone embraced the theme, after all, it’s all about synergies.  My favourite cliché  from today: “Let’s put the lipstick on the pig”.

However, going forward, there was plenty of blue skies thinking this morning, showing that at Boaters we’re best of breed.

We saw the first green shoots appearing with a lovely well structured icebreaker speech from Helen MacDonald demonstrating that wherever you live, home is people. I look forward to hearing more of her speeches – and about hot Brad!

Helen McLeod spoke of her best practice with CERA and their next generation thinking, with the need to right size the grand plan for central Christchurch, even though the goal posts have been moved a few times. There has been a lot about this in the press, and it was good to have it explained clearly.

Note to us all to not muddle up the two Helens; John McVicar’s wee anecdote about the feuding McLeods and MacDonalds in their two castles at either end of the Isle of Skye, showed him to be a real thought leader, offering a win-win solution.

David Cooper’s storytelling was about the disciples managing their expectations whilst facing headwinds, and speculating about what Jesus would say to them up on the mountain. David has a very relaxed manner with his storytelling, but still manages to leave us with a hook to think outside the square as to what was said up there on the mountain.

Core competencies were challenged with Steve’s strategically driven cliché-theme-based table topics, exercising minds on staff engagement, legal writing, management speak as an educational course, politicians’ spin and advancing your career by speaking jibberish. (Is there a connection between the last two?? ) Better not push the envelope.

Another fantastic meeting, we hit the ground running, raised the bar, and even though we can expect pushback sometimes, we put a stake in the ground and run our robust decisions up the flagpole.


Sandra Smith

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