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An amazing 26 people attended last week’s Boaters Toastmasters Friday morning meeting and were treated to a truly first class morning!

Rachel Walton was our Toastmaster and the theme was ‘Time Travel’. Rachel spoke abut the movie ‘About Time’ and asked us to think about “What would we go back and change?” “What would we go back and experience again?”

Would we re-read books? Answer exam questions differently? Meet new people?

Grammarian Helen McLeod read us two excerpts from the award winning book “The Illuminaries” written by Cantabrian Eleanor Catton, and recent winner of the Man Booker Prize.

Speaker 1 was Vivien Cowey with her ice-breaker speech entitled “A Glimpse inside my Birdcage”. Vivien told us about her life growing up with 5 sisters, and her dad’s bright yellow vehicle nicknamed the birdcage

Speaker 2 was Kelvin Newman with a confidential speech which I am not at liberty to disucss

Speaker 3 was Brent Ruru. Brent gave us a tool to help us communicate with others, based on the premise that ‘we need to become better listeners before we speak, so that we can speak better to our listeners’

For those of you interested in the tool, please see the end of this blog

Rachel next spoke abut a survey taken of people who knew they were dying. They did not so much regret what they ahd done as regretting the things they had not done.

Ian Thornton was our table Topics Master and he took us through a ‘7 Days’ type exercise i.e. given a headline from the past 7 days and speak about it.

Sandra Smith “Small but perfectly formed”

John Kelly “Carter, McCaw on edge as pups show teeth”

Greg McGeorge “Full head of steam: She’s Back!”

Esther Newman “The chips are down, so I’ll just turn to liposuction”

Alan Calder “Schools and Alcohol”

Alannah Vickery “Gardens great for the minds”


And for those of you who have read to the end of the blog, your prize is a breakdown of Brent’s communication tool

“I’m holding a plaque with gold lettering engraved on it.      (What’s your name?)

There’s a two story house on top.    (Where do you live?)

In the left hand window stands a man and a woman    (Are you in a relationship?)

In the top right hand window is the shadow of two children, a boy and a girl.     (Do you have children?)

The girl is wearing a rubber glove and is holding the nose of a 747 jumbo jet.    (What do you do for a job? Have you travelled?)

The jumbo jet has tennis rackets for wings.     (Do you play a sport?)

On the tennis rackets are bouncing postage stamps.     (What are your interests/hobbies?)

One of the stamps blows off and gets stuck to the red cone of the jumbo”     (Other bright ideas for conversation)



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