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Boaters Meeting #857 held on 3rd February 2017
Posted by Sandra Chatterton

Sargent of Arms Mark Smith

Mark enthusiastically welcomed everyone to the meeting and brought us all together for what was to be a fun, enjoyable and humorous morning.

Toastmaster Danny de Hek

“Acronyms!! hate them”.  Danny referred to the back of today’s programme which displays hundreds of acronyms we use. Some we use every day such as ATM, CEO, LAN.

Who knows what the acronym https means? Danny asked. It means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

Today’s theme is Acronyms. If using one in a speech you must explain the acronym before the word.

Grammarian Brent Ruru

Brent used his hiking experience and used the word TIME as an acronym.

Speaker #1 Sabine Parry

EMS training. Electrical Muscle Stimulation. Project 8.

“New Wave of Fitness”
Sabine Parry gave an educational speech laced with a little humour on X Body. EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) training.  Sabine has recently been in Auckland with a rugby team. She was training the trainers. She also has and a new fit out at her own business X Body.
X BODY what does it look like?

Sabine demonstrated the suit she was wearing which has electrodes.  A low frequency electrical and safe piece of medical equipment. Sabine also demonstrated using a video to show how the electrodes work to connect non active muscles. It improves posture, tones the muscles and improves inter muscular communication and balances your muscular system. It also improves your life and saves time.

Sabine illustrated that the using of electrical currents on humans has been around for thousands of years. She used the whiteboard which had a number of dates written on it. She explained that in 200BC they used electric eels, in 2003 the first EMS became available and in 2010 X Body was founded and The New Wave of Fitness is here. To finish her speech Sabine showed a comparison of a toned and an untoned 80kg person. We all know what look we prefer.

Speaker #2 Rachel Walton.

This was Rachel’s last speech in the manual.

Abstraction Concepts – “The chicken or the Egg”

The famous Michelson- Morley experiment. This was a scientific experiment to find the presence and properties of a substance called aether, a substance believed to fill empty space. The experiment was done by Albert Michelson and Edward Morley in 1887. In 1880 they thought light was a magnetic wave and they thought it needed a median to pass. Explained the aether and was it there and did it have a different light depending on the time of the day? In 1881 they did the first experiment. Rachel demonstrated on a sheets how light travels. Parallel or perpendicular? No matter what time of day and what day of the week he found light travelled at the same speed. Edward Morley joined the experiment and continued.

Michelson has a nervous breakdown over it but Morley continued.

They tried another experiment with the same outcome. It was a dark cloud for the scientists. In 1905 Albert Einstein came up with the theory of special relativity. General relativity and light being bent by gravity. Rachel spoke of a spaceship and time dilation and the speed of light being absolute. The speed of light as absolute no matter what.

Proposed that chicken in fact did come before the egg.

Speaker #3 Terelle Hegarty

“Absolute Delight”.

If I had the opportunity to marry my husband again would I?

Terelle and her husband recently remarried for our 25th wedding anniversary and embarked on “The Golden Princess” cruise. The adventure was absolutely delightful with 251 metres long salubrious vessel. From the moment you stepped on board you were in luxury. Although there were 2600 passengers there was plenty of room for everyone. Some chose to relax others choose to play golf, or do cake decorating, but the most popular activity was eating food. It’s everywhere said Terelle . Food food glorious food. A floating food festival. Six restaurants and food everywhere. You can have it in bed on the deck just everywhere,

One suggestion – consider heading off on a cruise. Don’t snooze go on a cruise.

Presidents bulletin – Mark Granville
Welcome back Brent and Claire Ruru
Thank you to Rachel for all her time and effort.
Evaluating contest. International speech contest. 2 volunteers needed.
Blog is great – it will go on Facebook. Good for people away and brings people to the c

Table Topics Master:   Mark Granville introduced Table Topics to our guest.

Acronyms –

The learning of train stations when he was a little younger. S = Sydenham, H = Hornby, I = Islington, T=

Timaru.  A humorous start to table topics.

  • What you’re learning is when you read this acronym  FAIL
  • Explain this learning opportunity: Attitude, A temperament that inspires true understanding develops excellence. Alana
  • Where is this important?  Focus – Follow one course until successful. Helen
  • Give us an example – Don’t just survive, Thankful, Hopeful, Resting, Inspiring, Victorious, Eternally Thriving. Claire

Toastie Award:
Rachel’s speech won the prize for the day. Congratulations.

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