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Greeted by our Sergeant at Arms Mo, there is always a reflective grin when you see the whites of a beaming smile.  Thank you to our visitors Courtney, Gillian, Brooke and David.

Denise was our Toastmaster.  It’s always exciting to see a person step up to the plate, take a swing with the role and smash it out of the ballpark!  To regenerate is to rejuvenate and the passion for our still broken city was woven to connect all the speakers that followed.  The meeting had fantastic flow, great job Denise.

Another first time for a newbie Toastmaster at getting up in front of the crowd was Hayden who amplified the word of the day ‘rejuvenate.’  To make something young or restore to a former state had many in the audience discussing face potions later during the break.  For some of us it was what putty!

Natalie launched into her speech ‘Nothing is What It Seems’ using a stick for a prop.  One must see the big picture whereby a stick defined is two ends separated by a bit in the middle and the reference to rehabilitating a woofie after it ate a meowie.  Or two.  That bit was less ca’s -chy!

Danny the computer door salesman and ‘What is an Ultra Panel?’  Simple, watch the trends, push the limits, be a leader versus a follower and have a sense of humour to name a few.  Most importantly, beg for forgiveness rather than ask for permission.

Roydon’s camp fire story about his role model Charlie had the guest make comment at how engaging it was to be lost in translation.  Or captured by the skill and prowess that Roydon used to captivate us with, “Growing up is not about expecting you to conform to what other people expect of you.”  Roydon took away the ‘toastie’ award of the day.

Table topics lead by David C had robbers; recreating yourself; what old music would you like to see revived; and how would you revive either a pet budgie, dog or horse.  Guest participation was exemplary and the demonstration of doing mouth to mouth on a pet dog certainly had been practiced before.

All the evaluators – Anton; Alannah; Steve; Terrelle and Alanna (GE) shared things that worked and things that could be worked on for the speakers and fellow members doing the introductions.  Add Louise who rattled out the overs and under’s times amplified one of the quotes of the day.

Quotes of the day by Alanna were: “Stop being a hog” referring to those who steal time from others by going overtime; and her “Mark dresses himself at the front a lot” referring to Mark dressing himself a lot at the front.

“Please come back” was echoed in the meeting somewhere.  Just come to a meeting.  It just might

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