Club officers’ roles

This page describes the Toastmasters clubs executive committee, who are responsible for the running of the club.  These people are the leaders in the club. Here’s a short description of the club officers and their roles.

President: Responsible for general supervision and operation of the club.  Presides at Club and Executive Committee meetings.  Conducts General Business at club meetings.

Vice President Education: Responsible for promoting the Toastmasters Educational program to club members, and prepares the speaking program.

Vice President Membership: Responsible for marketing and promoting the club, and maintains membership records.

Vice President Public Relations: Responsible for developing, implementing and administering a publicity programme for the club.

Secretary: Responsible for keeping all the club records and correspondence, submitting membership and officer records to World Headquarters.

Treasurer: Responsible for controlling the club’s finances.

Sergeant at Arms: Serves as the master host/hostess,and looks after all the club equipment and resources, including refreshment supplies.

Immediate Past President: Provides guidance and serves as a resource to current club officers and members.

More information:
A full description of the Club Executive Committee and their roles is found in the Communication and Leadership Program Manuals.

Electing a new Club Executive

All Toastmaster clubs are required to hold their Annual General Meeting at the first meeting in May, and elect a new club executive. The new executive takes office on 1 July.

For clubs which elect their club leaders every six months, the new executive takes office on 1 July and 1 January each year.

Outgoing Officer duties

There are a number of duties the outgoing executive needs to perform, and these are briefly outlined below.


  1. Plan transition meeting between outgoing/incoming officers
  2. Prepare annual report
  3. Install new club officers at first meeting in July
  4. Ensure new club officer list is updated on the WHQ website
  5. Ensure the District 72 Club Finder website is updated

Vice President Education

  1. Prepare club forward speaking programme to end July
  2. Update members manuals and progress charts
  3. Lodge member achievement awards for recognition with WHQ
  4. Pass education programme information to successor

Vice President Membership

  1. Check membership records are up to date
  2. Pass membership program information to successor

Vice President Public Relations

  1. Prepare news release about newly elected officers
  2. Publish transition information in club newsletter or on club website
  3. Pass public relations program information to successor


  1. Send new club officer list to WHQ and District Governor
  2. Prepare annual financial report for presentation at Annual General Meeting
  3. Change bank account signatories
  4. Pass club records to successor/s

Sergeant at Arms

  1. Audit club supplies and resources
  2. Replenish club supplies
  3. Transfer club supplies, keys and information to successor

Incoming Officer Duties

All Boaters Toastmasters incoming officers take office on July 1st.  There are a number of duties to be performed.


  1. Hold inaugural club executive meeting
  2. Plan club goals for new year using the Distinguished Club Program
  3. Review duties with each newly elected club officer
  4. Schedule executive committee meetings (monthly or bi-monthly)
  5. Prepare report for club executive meetings
  6. Attend Area Council meeting
  7. Conduct General Business at all club meetings

Vice President Education

  1. Review club forward speaking program and prepare new program
  2. Promote educational program to club members
  3. Plan club speech contests
  4. Prepare report for club executive meetings
  5. Attend Area Council meeting

Vice President Membership

  1. Plan membership building program
  2. Review and update guest pack and resources
  3. Prepare report for club executive meetings

Vice President Public Relations

  1. Plan annual public relations program
  2. Review and update publicity materials
  3. Publish club newsletter and update club website


  1. Record and publish minutes of club executive meetings
  2. Keep club constitution and bylaws
  3. Develop club annual budget
  4. Prepare financial report for club executive meetings
  5. Check club bank account signatories have been transferred

Sergeant at Arms

  1. Assume custody of club property, resources, keys
  2. Assist with preparation of meeting venue for meetings
  3. Assist club members with special requirements for speech assignments

More information in manuals

A full description of club officer duties, including forms and other general information is found in the individual Club Officer Manuals issued to the incoming club officers before they take office.


All club officers should attend the two Club Leadership Training. Dates will listed in the club calendar