Meeting #893- Theme: Labour Day-20 October 2017

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Posted by Jenne Robb on 23 October 2017

The theme of today’s meeting was Labour Day. We were enthusiastically welcomed by our Sergeant at Arms, Anton McMulkin. Anton set the stage for a fun and informative meeting.

Mo Yakubu was Toastmaster of the day. Mo ran a smooth, well-prepared and enjoyable meeting. He introduced the theme, Labour Day, and treated us with fun facts about the history of Labour Day in New Zealand. Throughout the meeting Mo provided fascinating information such as “New Zealand was the first country to adopt the eight hour work day”.  Mo continued to incorporate well-researched facts about Labour Day between speakers with a relaxed and polished style.

Grammarian for the meeting was Grant Beattie. Grant chose the word relaxation as word of the day.  He suggested that we incorporate the word relaxation into our speeches and to experience relaxation over the holiday weekend. Grant also carefully counted the ums and ahs that we used during our speeches.

John MacVicar introduced Speaker #1, Brad Lewis Lake. Brad’s Icebreaker Speech was entitled, “Our Revolution.” Brad talked about his “quintessential Kiwi upbringing”, university adventures, and his passion for revolutionizing New Zealand’s reputation.   Brad suggested that New Zealand farmers  move away from dairy farming and become a world leader in growing hemp. He explained the value and variety of hemp products and sustainability of hemp farming.  He also mentioned that hemp is cost effective to grow. Brad is involved in developing a machine that processes 50 tons of hemp per day and he appears committed to introducing it to the world. Brad reminded us that hemp is not associated with its intoxicating cousin! Brad presented an engaging and inspiring Icebreaker Speech.

Vijay Vellaisamy introduced Speaker #2, Alan Calder. Alan’s speech, “ Closing in 30 Seconds”, described six vital tips when selling an item on Trade Me. Alan shared his wisdom in six steps:

  1. Spend money to make money- prepare your items for sale to excellent standard.
  2. Check out competition – view similar items and ask for fair market price.
  3. Provide great full visibility photos-“cosmetic” scratches included.
  4. Get attention by offering a bargain price.
  5. Closing time 7pm- people buy after eating dinner.
  6. Maintain integrity as a seller – 100% trust from the audience.

Alan reminded us that it is all about the audience! Alan’s tips and ideas on how to get the most value from Trade Me were clear and practical.

Louise Green introduced Speaker #3, Roydon Gibbs. Roydon’s speech, “Just Another Day at Work”, was a vivid description of what it is like to work in a fish factory. He guided us through a typical day at work in a cold, wet and smelly environment. We dress in rubber boots and aprons, wash our hands and don a cap.  The job entailed sorting fish on a conveyor belt. Sorting good filets and tossing them to the right, scrappy bits and tossing them to the left.  We are doing this task all day long. Roydon observed workers in this environment and noticed that some workers were having a positive experience with a spring in their step while some were have a negative experience and feeling bored. To explain how two people can have totally different experiences in the same circumstances Roydon related this to a story about stone masons. Roydon ‘s story suggested that it is our attitude and approach to our work that makes the difference.  Roydon’s creative speech evoked emotion and inspiration.

Table Topics Master was Hayden Coote. Hayden reflected the meeting’s theme with imaginative questions about work.  The topics were within the theme of the day, Labour Day and the five speakers were brilliant.

Effective evaluations were provided by Deb McAlpine, David Pottinger, Helen McLeod, and Greg McGeorge.

Time keeper was Caleb Vercoe. Caleb accurately reported the under time, on time and over time speakers.

Grant, the Grammarian, gave feedback with our number of ahs and ums .

Kristy Lawler summarised the entire meeting with an organized, energetic and positive general evaluation. Her work so extraordinary that it was acknowledged with the Toastie Award!

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Myths meeting 29/9/17

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Boaters meeting 29/9/17: the theme was “Myths” (symbolic story telling)

Sergeant at Arms Rebecca Clements made a fine start to the meeting.

Area Director Brian Preddy and 2 visitors were present and 24 members.

Toastmaster – Alana Bogart ran the meeting with her theme of myths; only cats figured, go figure!

Grammarian was Caleb Vercoe – Grammar myth “Can I start a sentence with a conjunction? “ He was bought up saying ‘no’, but in fact it can – it’s just a matter of preference – e.g. we can start with a ‘but’ or ‘because’ (which was the Word of the Day).

Greg McGeorge humorously introduced Mark Glanville whose speech, “Thrown in the Deep End” was about how one reacts when asked to be a celebrant at a funeral. It’s an honourable humbling experience but needs to be done well with respect. Think about the Eulogy, use of music, audio visual presentation, who wishes to speak (avoiding repetition), use of haka, a guard of Honour, as well as your own words. Script the funeral, check it out with the family and liaise with the funeral director. If you are in doubt about your ability to do it then get a professional celebrant in to take your place.

Sabine Parry introduced Brett Snow with his advanced manual speech “Enjoy the Journey”. He started with a “bang!” Happiness in life is about enjoying the journey. Hence choice of a family vehicle is most important. It’s got to be dilapidated (to avoid theft) but utilitarian enough in his case to ensure a family of 10 was catered for. It was a van ‘with an open door policy’ – you never know when it will open. The solution to this was ingenious – a high tech rope solution. The ground visibility (through the floor) was another feature that added to the family’s experience.

Alan Calder introduced David Pottinger speech “Tasman Series Memoirs 1968-1971”. He covered his father, Bill’s, participation in photographing the motor racing series. It was a pictorial presentation starting with his grandmother’s Austin 10. There were great shots of the races reflecting a simpler time before health & safety interfered. His was a photography hobby saw his photographs go worldwide, especially photographs of the racing and its celebrities, eg. Jacky Stewart and Graham Hill. Those photos ended up in a book that Bill had published, a lasting memento of this time.

Brent’s Presidents notices covered Sandra Chatterton’s experience at the recent leaders meeting and some house-keeping matters. Competent Communicator award certificates were given to Sabine Parry and Mark Glanville to mark their first major achievement in Toastmasters.

Table Topics were lead by Rodney Ford. Negotiating to keep NZ Great again, what’s your bottom line for the negotiation? Alannah Vickery – said ban plastic bags. Clare Ruru – bring back honesty and no back biting in Parliament. Courtney Tibbots – make politics fun by having compulsory comedy sessions once a month. Brian Preddy immigration – shut the door for 2 years because it’s a fragile country. Mo Yakubu – incentives to bring in electric cars to avoid pollution. David Clarkson would legislate for a smile to be compulsory nationwide first thing every morning.

Evaluators were Sandra Chatterton, Vijay Vellaisamy, Brent Ruru and Grant Beattie; the time keeper was Helen McLeod; and the meeting was evaluated overall by General Evaluator, Natalie Perzylo.

The Toastie Award for the meeting went Rebecca Clements and Clare Ruru for organizing the Sgt at Arms role so effectively.

A great fun filled, entertaining and informative meeting well lead by Alana Bogart.

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Meeting # 887: Theme – Your Vote Counts

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Being evacuated during the table topics session because a croissant was stuck in a toaster next door in the restaurant causing the smoke detectors to flare up, didn’t deter Boaters Toastmasters today.  Such impromptu disruption had the session continue out in the venue car park as we are both a resilient and adaptable bunch.  Even with the echo of sirens, a flashing fire engine and men and women in uniform going about their business.

Speaker 1 John McVicar and ‘Don’t Let Them Do This to You’ persuasive words of wisdom came with skeletal images of spines both vertical and horizontal cross sectioned (how they do that was fascinating – still aren’t any the wiser).  There was a spine with a plate and screws and the same spine with another plate and screws only to learn, the surgery to fix leg pain wasn’t necessary!  Two bits of advice, stay active as you de-generate into old age and secondly, ‘don’t let them do what they did to you.’  John is happy to provide you the lay persons meaning to ‘spondylolisthesis.’

Speaker 2 Terelle Hegarty and ‘Diminish Dirt & Magnify the Magic.’  We learnt that we work approx., 92,000 hours over our lifetime which explains why a number of you are grumpy.  However, if we change our perspective to embrace it as being an opportunity and a means to ‘give’ to other people, imagine how those hours will fly by.  The key is to always find magic in your hours and magnify them versus dishing out dirt on behaviours of our fellow workers during the hours.  Gossiping is not included except if you are the dirt’s originator!  A congrats to Terelle as this was her 10th CC speech making her competent.  Yay.

Speaker 3 Vivien Cowey and ‘My Time Here is Done.’  If you want to enact revenge on any person who caused you grief during your time here in this life, the best time is between you passing and before you are either buried or cremated!  Vivien shared instances how her ‘mother’ did exactly that after her passing.  That and announcing that Vivien has 101 ways to kill a cat as they weren’t immune to being revenged upon neither.  This humorous speech had some serious messages – I’m going to need 21 days or so after I pass and before I’m cremated!

Toastmaster of the Day Alannah Vickery brought the meeting to an end with the audience voting on who the best speaker was.  It fitted in with her theme that our votes count and the supportive history of how voting plays a significant part in democracy; and that it is a personal choice we shouldn’t ignore by not raising the hand when we are asked to.

I voted for VJ but he wasn’t even on the ballot paper.

It was a ‘savvy’ meeting, that being our Grammarian Jenne’s word of the day.

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Meeting 885 – Daffodil Day

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Mark Glanville ran an informative meeting today on the history and meaning of the daffodil. Brent Ruru as Grammarian, chose a variation in the theme of the day and talked about Daffy Duck and challenged us to use the cartoon character in our speaking.

Our first prepared speaker Grant Beattie and his speech: New Life Balance was an entertaining insight into the transition to parenthood with the arrival of Henrietta on the scene and concluding with the phrase “being a parent has been the best thing ever”.

Speaker 2, Kristy Lawler; “Magical Garden” was a trip down memory lane for her back to her childhood visiting the magical garden of her paternal grandparents and the beautiful sights and smells she recalled, and where she always left there with the gift of flowers.

Denise Ford was our third speaker and her speech “Love to Bike (mostly)” was an excellent and amusing recount of good, bad and ugly aspects of biking to work.

Our table topics master, Helen McLeod, didn’t have a lot to say today.

Her selected guests did – namely;

– David Cooper on the silver fern as our national flower
– John McVicar on narcissistic Donald Trump
– Barbara Millar on medical marijuana
– Guest Lloyd on what type of wig would you wear if you had chemotherapy.

Finally, the late Danny De Hek gave plenty of entertaining feedback to various people.

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Excellent Educationals coming soon!

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Don’t miss the chance to improve your skills in Evaluation and Mentoring when two of our most experienced members provide educational speeches on these topics:

  • 28 July:  Effective Evaluation with Brett Snow
  • 4 August:  Mentoring Skills with Roydon Gibbs

Whether you are a mentor or a mentee (I’m not sure that’s a real word), Roydon will give good advice about how to get the best out of the relationship.

I am reading a book called “Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well (Even when it’s Off-base, Unfair, Poorly-Delivered, & Frankly, You’re Not in the Mood)”. It’s a good book, but one that my fellow Boaters will never need to read after hearing Brett’s Effective Evaluation educational because all our feedback will be perspicacious, efficacious and superbly delivered.

Not to mention that there will be muffins on 4 August ….

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Meeting 881

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Vijay opened the meeting at 7am, his first time in this role, Sergeant of Arms. He grabbed the bull by the horns and wrestled his way through, achieving all the necessary requirements of the role then tossed the meeting over to the Toastmaster of the Day, Alan Calder.


Alan introduced the theme for the day as “Marathon” giving us amazing stats on people who had run the most marathons. One being 280 marathons run in one year by one person. Alan tied this theme to the fact that todays meeting was a “Speech Marathon” of 5 speeches instead of the usual 3 speeches for a typical meeting.


Speaker 1 Courtney Tibbotts, – Speech Titled “Castle Street to Crumpets”  This was Courtney’s first 5-7min speech at Toastmasters, we call it an icebreaker speech. She took us from her conception in Castle Street to her current position marketing Crumpets for the Button family business. The neat thing about Courtney’s presentation was she had crumpet packages for everyone at the end.


Speaker 2 Dion Ebraham – Speech Titled “Fate, Chance, Destiny” Dion also was giving an icebreaker speech. He told us of his origins in Zimbabwe, born in the year of independence. Dion had 2 memorable statements worth quoting. 1.  “In Zimbabwe you always had to have a plan B.”  2. “since marrying a kiwi girl he is now fully kiwi owned and operated” . He described throughout his talk how sports had been his Fate, his chance and his destiny now working for Canterbury Cricket.


Speaker 3 Natalie Perzylo – Speech Titled “What is Old?” Natalie challenged our preconceptions about being old, by explaining her experience, being entrusted with an “Old dog”  called Jack, with various aliments including cataracts. How she at first, she treated him with kid gloves, because he was considered old and frail. But then discovered, that he was fine with the other dogs, doing all the things the other dogs did. We were challenged to review our perception, that because people are old, that they can’t do stuff. In the middle of this she added stories of old people she had met that had defied expectations of what old people where capable of. Highly amazing stories.


Speaker 4 Danny De Hek – Speech Titled – “The truth about business networking” This 10min presentation can be viewed in full on Elite 6 Business Networking Facebook page. Danny gave us 5 tips about Networking that he has found by experience. This speech was followed by a question and answer time with questions from the audience.


Speaker 5 Brett Snow – Speech Titled – “There is no failure, only Feedback” This was a12-14min educational talk on how to be an effective speech evaluator. Brent gave us 4 secrets to making our evaluations more powerful in our public and our private life. His example How to respond to your spouse saying “how do I look?” This was the most interesting educational speech I have heard in toastmasters.


Great Evaluations were then given to all speakers by Mark Granville, Brent Ruru, Rodney Ford, Anton McMulkin and Helen McCloud. Time keeping report by Denise Ford.


“The Toastie Award” was split between our 2 icebreaker speeches, Courtney receiving the Toastie, and Dion being awarded a packet of Buttons Crumpets.


Next week we are looking forward to an amazing speech from Roydon Gibbs on how to be a good mentor. Come and join us!

David Cooper

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Meeting #878 Theme “Slogans

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Toastmaster Caleb Vercoe

Caleb proved to us all that we must very good listeners as most of us at todays meeting knew all the marketing slogans he tested us on. So back to the TV ads for me!

Dion Ebrahim our Grammarian for the meeting

Dion started his role by telling us he would be assessing our actual grammar through the meeting and to report who was using slogans. A bit of a challenge in this case as even though we were great at the test of Slogans, not so good at actually using them. Our grammar was in question as well but over all a good report and a very thorough one at that. Well done Dion.


Alan Calder
Turn back time

Alan talked about accidents and injuries while doing recreational sports. while Alan has had injuries he focused on his wifes repeated injuries including a broken leg. Moral of the story try and learn from our mistakes and try to avoid the same things and as we get older it becomes more difficult to recover. Stay Smart, Alert, and prepared.

Brent Ruru
Dream Design Do

Brent told us to have a plan or you will find yourself fiting into somebody elses plan. Brent gave us some ideas to inspire Dreaming, writing lists of what matters most, what makes you happy, what you do everyday. Put together experience boards of photos to remind you of whats been achieved.
When making big plans try the analogy of when painting a big fence that looks overwhelming just look at painting a few palings at a time. Then brent told us a story about their travels biking across Canada even though Bears live there and love bikes too. Follow your dreams.

David Clarkson
Over the horizon

We were treated to a great story with photos of his recent trip through Europe This was very inspirational in it self. We all felt like we were there with David and his wife. Amazing pictures David.

Table topics

Helen McLeod did not disappoint with the fun part of the meeting. Helen used Table conversation cards. Each card has a question to be read out and discussed, although catching a couple out. All the table topics speeches were well put together as mini speeches and entertained.

We had some great evaluations this week, although some common themes came through. Simple things. Remember to speak up, look around and keep to time above all enjoy!
Time for a ………?? “world famous in New Zealand”

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